Staying On Top Of New Digital Marketing Trends

With how fast-paced the digital marketing industry is, keeping up with its new trends is pretty much a necessity at this point. Otherwise, brands and agencies alike run the risk of getting left behind amid the competition. Especially in 2023, with a pandemic pushing more people into the online space, not keeping up with these digital marketing trends is just shooting your business at the foot! But with so many innovations and emerging trends in digital marketing, it may be hard to keep up with all these changes.

Learning how to keep up with digital marketing trends can definitely help marketers gain the upper hand in their campaigns. Here are our tips on staying on top of these trends and continuing to rule the game.

Keep in the know about new digital marketing trends

Sometimes being updated on the latest digital marketing news is as simple as doing a quick search on Google. There are lots of high-quality write-ups from websites such as Neil Patel, hubspot, and Moz. These blogs are comprehensive but still easily digestible even for beginners, so they’re sure to be a big help for people wanting to start their digital marketing journey.


If going through blogs and Google searches is too time-consuming, Google Alerts is your best friend. You can set up these alerts for relevant keywords such as “digital marketing news” or “digital marketing trends 2023” so you’re immediately updated once a new article comes up.

Sign up for email newsletters

Another way to be updated without needing to go through several results is signing up for email newsletters. Most of these are easy to subscribe to, and subscribers get an email regularly that’s succinct but still quite informative. Make sure the ones you subscribe to are worthwhile, though. You don’t want spam clogging up the inbox!

Be active on social media and monitor new digital marketing trends

Because our industry is pretty much an online one, being an active social media user is pretty much a no-brainer. This is a great and accessible way to monitor new trends in digital marketing


Check out the social media accounts of popular brands, influencers, and even competitors to see what they’re doing and what works. You can even find people sharing great articles about these trends on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Look into digital marketing courses

Even though your current experience is sufficient enough to earn your stripes in the marketing world, the industry is always changing. What was taught back in your uni years may not be what’s taught now. So it’s wise to sign up for digital marketing courses every now and then to learn about various emerging trends. You can even get certifications and boost your credibility!

Talk with people in the industry

No matter how much research you do, it definitely doesn’t beat simply talking to the relevant people and sharing industry knowledge. This can range from the professionals at conferences to even your own team of talented marketers. They may share some nuggets of new information that will benefit the brand’s marketing efforts.

In the digital marketing world, it’s either adapt or get left behind. And no one wants the latter. So marketers need to do their best to keep up with these new trends in digital marketing. With this knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not, brands can continue to be relevant and come out on top!

If all these seem overwhelming, no need to worry. Talking with digital experts like us at No Standing can help you be more in-the-know on the latest digital marketing trends in 2023. Contact us now and let’s explore these trends together!

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