6 Key Benefits Of SEO For Your Business

Why is SEO Important for Businesses?

Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is a digital strategy that involves optimising a website with a variety of techniques in order to rank better organically on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s done primarily as a way to boost a website to be on the first page of results when relevant search terms are entered in the search bar. As such, an SEO strategy for businesses is one of many common digital marketing tactics brands can use to drive a higher number of leads and profit.

But you may ask, why is SEO important for businesses exactly? How does SEO help your business, and why does it take longer than regular marketing techniques? Well, here at No Standing, we’d say SEO is a must for all businesses – but here are six benefits to help you understand why SEO is something worth pursuing.

SEO drives website traffic and increases brand awareness

One of the main goals of a search engine optimisation marketing strategy is to drive traffic to the website by being easily accessible on the first page of the results. With an estimated 99,000 search queries done per second, translating those searches into website traffic through SEO is crucial in increasing brand awareness. After all, how could your potential audience know about your brand if you’re not visible on the web results? And without the visibility, how can you expect to accumulate organic traffic to your website?

SEO brings in leads with minimal budget

Another benefit of SEO for small businesses looking to save is that it’s relatively cheap and cost-effective. Sure, paying for SEO services in Melbourne still means you need to shell out money for these efforts, but it’s definitely less of a drain on your budget compared to other forms of digital marketing. Not to mention that, with what the long-term benefits for SEO are such as improved organic traffic and visibility, it’s setting your website up with various benefits for less budget.

SEO improves user’s experience

SEO doesn’t just benefit your business, it also benefits the customers visiting your website, and improves their experience. Most people go on Google to search for something because of a specific intent, whether it be a particular service or to have a question answered. With that in mind, your website should be able to address those concerns to improve the user’s experience when they land on your website. 

SEO establishes authority and credibility

SEO is also great for establishing authority and credibility – in more ways than one. In terms of consumer trust, the more blog articles about relevant topics you’re churning out, the more they will trust you and consider you a legitimate resource because of your wealth of knowledge. This in turn also builds your authority on Google. The more trustworthy and optimised your SEO content is, the more authority your website will have, and the likelier you are to appear on the first page of the SERPs under relevant keywords.

SEO pairs well with paid search strategies

While we mentioned earlier that SEO is a cheaper long-term investment compared to a lot of other digital marketing tactics, this doesn’t mean you can’t pair SEO withpaid ad strategies for a more integrated approach. With paid search strategies, having ads of your website in addition to also appearing on the results organically increases your exposure and improves the likelihood of being clicked. Furthermore, it also helps buy you some clicks while you’re still waiting for the organic efforts to kick in, as SEO requires a bit of time to generate results.

SEO allows you to catch up with competitors

In today’s day and age, it’s more likely that your competitors are putting in their best digital marketing efforts as well, which includes SEO. Engaging in such efforts puts you ahead of your competitors, allowing you to come out on top in the digital space. Plus, with the long-term benefits of SEO efforts, these campaigns can help put you on the map in your respective industry for a long period of time.

An SEO strategy for your business may seem long and arduous, but the immediate and long-term gains can do wonders for your business’s goals. If you’re unsure how to start your search engine optimisation marketing strategy, contact us at No Standing for SEO services in Melbourne! Let’s have a chat and determine what SEO strategy works best for your brand and its goals.

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