Posted by Ginny Barro Mar 18 2021
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No Standing welcomes the new Brand Partnerships & PR department which includes Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, Talent Management and Brand Collaborations into the conglomerate that forms No Standing – featuring a powerhouse of teams including No Standing Development, ARTHAOS, and GrowMOFO. READ
Posted by Ginny Barro Jan 27 2021
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Jaynee Penny shows that it’s never too late to choose to follow your passion, and to believe in yourself when trying out new projects. Beginning her journey in the working world as a lawyer, Jaynee soon realised this wasn’t the life she envisioned for herself and decided that taking a step sideways would be more beneficial for where she was heading. That proved to be true, as Jaynee is now the Global Sales Director of Triangl Swimwear, and has taken the brand to new heights. We sat down and asked about her tips and tricks about working life and how to follow your dreams. READ
Posted by Ginny Barro Dec 17 2020
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Maddie Edwards is a makeup and beauty expert who has gained notoriety for her YouTube channel, which showcases her down-to-earth nature and easy to follow beauty tips. Since her beginnings, Maddie has become notorious in the influencer space for being completely open with her following when it comes to her skin care regime and what she likes and doesn’t like, and always has time to respond to any questions that come her way. Being so blatantly real to her audience has helped see her following grow steadily over the past couple of years. Having come from a background in beauty therapy, Maddie gives knowledgeable advice that can range from anything from the best mascaras to wear to what skin care product is most helpful for different skin types. Her unbiased opinion and genuine love for what she does is what has helped her gain the loyalty and trust from her followers. Maddie is one of our favourite talents that we work with for collaborations, so it was great to be able to catch with her to talk about all things beauty and skincare! READ
Posted by Reece Prideaux Oct 24 2020
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As the yellow vest protests raged on in Paris this past week, designers and fashion press alike turned out in droves for the Mens Fall/Winter 19 collection showings. Upon reflection of the trends and patterns seen at the shows, there is one just hot question on the industry’s lips: are we witnessing the beginning of the end of ‘streetwear’? READ
Posted by NO STANDING Oct 20 2020
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How to drive sales using influencers during a global crisis

Drive sales at home with these simple tips. As a business, you need to focus on what your customers are interested in and where they will be spending their money in these unfamiliar times. Developing personal relationships with those who are influential in the social media space is vital and utilising these relationships to help brands increase sales is fundamental for success. Having extremely close ties with a number of influencers here at No Standing, we wanted to share our top tips and examples on how to use influencer marketing to help drive sales for your brand. READ