JGR & STN AU / US / NZ Expansion

Major updates in digital marketing across iOS14 as well as attribution window changes in Facebook meant we were faced with an increasingly smaller audience to target and subsequently retarget. It also meant that we had a shorter window of attribution in Facebook to collate sales data. All while Jagger & Stone were looking to expand into other regions and continue their strong domestic growth. This meant strengthening the relationship between Facebook and Google to build a full funnel approach.
Paid Performance


With an increased budget we were able to use Facebook across each section of the marketing funnel, this provided greater search volume for Google to capitalise on. As a result purchases on Google increased by 160% and purchase value by 230%. Social media content got an upgrade, moving towards more best practice creative, resulting in a 34% decrease in Bounce Rate. Our Retargeting audiences become more widespread to speak to more people who had a touch point with the business. This resulted in users searching in Google to have a higher purchase intent. This lead to the Conversion Rate increasing 20% QoQ and the Average Order Value seeing an increase of 9%.

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Google Results

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