How Responsive Web Design Can Help Your Business

The Importance of Responsive Design for Your Website

When investing in web design and development, it’s important to utilise a responsive web design company when creating your website. Ensuring you have a dynamic website – whether you’re a brand creating awareness or an ecommerce website selling a product – that is built correctly can help your business build a strong online presence in today’s digital age.

But what is responsive web design exactly, and why should businesses follow this approach when it comes to creating a website? What are the benefits of responsive web design for businesses?

Learn more about why responsive web design is a must for your future website projects below.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the principle of creating a website that responds intuitively to user behaviour in terms of elements such as screen size, platform, and orientation. In simple terms, a web design is considered responsive if it can adapt to any screen, whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Previously, web designers would prioritise how a website looked on desktop over all other platforms, because mobile data wasn’t easily accessible. The shift to more accessibility on all devices, especially with the production of smartphones and the introduction of mobile data, has prompted the need for more responsive web designs. Ensuring your website is responsive can lead to a variety of benefits for your business, most importantly, your customer’s experience.

What is the importance of a responsive design for my business website?

The importance of a responsive design provides better advantages for both your brand as well as your audience. A responsive design provides the following benefits: 

Increases website traffic

Because a responsive web design can adapt across all device types, you’re bound to get more combined website traffic from different devices. Specifically, your traffic on mobile and tablet devices will increase due to better usability for these formats. From there, you’ll get more quality leads and return visits due to the satisfying customer experience your website offers, versus when your website is non-responsive

The cost of a responsive website is cheaper in the long run

While the cost of a responsive website may seem more expensive as opposed to developing a website for just one type of device, the long-term savings are quite beneficial. Ultimately, maintaining separate websites for desktop and mobile will cost more money, and also impacts your website’s performance, whereas having a single website that can adjust to all devices is less taxing on your development budget.

Responsive web design improves SEO

Aside from the increased traffic and saved budget, responsive web design is also beneficial for your SEO efforts. If you’re wondering how responsive web design improves SEO, there are a few important benefits that will allow your business to soar rather than sink in the search engine results page. From a technical perspective, Google prioritises websites that take on a mobile-friendly approach. Beyond that, having a website responsive to the user journey means users are less likely to exit out of frustration, decreasing the bounce rate and improving your SEO performance in the process.

Improves customer experience

Above all else, brands should always prioritise the customer’s experience over everything. To do this, everything must be optimised to cater to their needs – website included. A responsive web design can help ensure their time on your website is a smooth and seamless experience, and that they’re more likely to visit your website in the future.

How do I make my website design responsive?

Knowing how to make your website mobile-friendly and user-responsive requires knowledge of the elements of responsive web design. The five key elements include:

  • Navigation
  • Columns
  • CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • Brand identity
  • Whitespace


Remembering these elements when creating and coding your website can help improve your website’s design greatly, leading to a smoother user journey for your potential customers.


With responsive website design, you’ll be able to create websites that showcase your brand fully, satisfy your customers’ online experience, and generate quality conversions. Following the principles of responsive web design and always testing your website allows you to ensure your business is  providing the best experience for your audience. 


Are website design and development not part of your expertise? Don’t worry – you can just hire a digital marketing company for your responsive web design needs. If you’re interested in working with our web design and development specialists here at No Standing, contact us and have a chat with us about your next website project today!

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