Ethlizards was another NFT collection that required expert guidance for their project promotion, marketing and community development. Their main objectives were to align their brand with their collection offering and effectively bring awareness to the market. 


Work We Did

By implementing a strategic, tailored influencer strategy to crypto-native public figures, we were able to successfully onboard a selection of high-value community members to effectively increase the NFT trading volume. With these efforts, we were able to successfully increase the floor price of the Ethlizards tokens from 0.4 ETH to an ultimate high of 5 ETH per NFT.



Our Strategy

At No Standing, we were passionately involved in every step of Peakah’s journey. From shaping the brand identity to crafting captivating campaigns, we contributed our expertise in brand strategy, creative design, and digital marketing. We took the lead in designing visuals for the highly successful Egg Mint launch, orchestrated engaging social media initiatives, and curated a vibrant Discord community, facilitating meaningful interactions.

Our Results

Trending on OpenSea

Traded at up to 5 ETH (25x)

Over 4.3K ETH traded

Only 5% of collection listed for sale

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