Measuring the ROI of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns: Best Practices

Video advertising is as the name suggests – advertising through the use of videos. Adobe defines it as “the use of video content to sell products or services.” While defining it is very straightforward, the craft is anything but. Video marketing involves effective, well-thought out strategies that make use of videos to propel a brand into the consciousness of its target audience and to reach different marketing goals.

Making videos, even just for fun, is not a walk in the park, and this is even more apparent for well-produced, fully-curated video content for marketing. But the benefits of it prove to be worth it time and again. Not to mention that, with Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts being a thing, even novices can create simple and appealing video content for their marketing initiatives.

Here’s why you should try your hand at video advertising for your brand. Read about the advantages of video marketing below and how you can use it for brand awareness.

Video advertising appeals to what the audience wants

72% of consumers like watching video ads compared to text ads, a Hubspot Research study cited by Vimeo states. Furthermore, a report by Coresight Research found that 65% of the population learn better through the help of visuals. So it isn’t just a preference towards videos, but an inclination towards visual learning. By using video advertising among other visual marketing strategies, you appeal to your audience and also educate them better. And what better way to do all that than through Youtube, with around 2.3 billion users every month? There are other types of visual advertising of course, but video advertising and its potential audience on Youtube is the one that sounds most promising.

Videos have more influence and power

Because of the appeal and educating power of videos and visual media, you’ll find that it can influence your audience into choosing your brand and other desired outcomes. Most customers say that educational and engaging videos are better at helping them finalise their decision to support a brand or buy a product. And through these high-quality, well-produced videos, your brand can also build more credibility, leading to a trustworthy image that attracts your target audience. Beyond videos done by you, there’s also different video content from influencers that you can use to further beef up your influence and image.

Video marketing strategies can result in more leads and conversions

Another benefit of video advertising is how impactful it can be towards sparking behaviour among consumers that benefit the brand directly. A study found that when compared to blog posts, 74% of marketers saw better lead generation results when applying video marketing strategies. Not only that, but a study shows that the increase in revenue for businesses is also 49% quicker to happen compared to the growth coming from non-video efforts. So not only is video content beneficial for your customers, they’re also better for your growth in the long run.

Videos allow your brand personality to shine

Finally, good videos allow you to connect with your audience by letting your personality shine. Even brands should have their own personality based on your guidelines and what will appeal to your audience. Aside from that, showing a more human, relatable side allows you to connect with your market better, which would then lead to a more improved perception of your brand. With this in mind, do better and create videos that show off who you are as a brand and what makes you different amid your competitors.

Video advertising carries lots of benefits for different brands. WIth a proper video marketing strategy and a team of experts to maximise these videos’ reach and exposure, your business could enjoy a significant amount of growth in the future. Just know what type of videos to create, where to post them, and your video marketing strategy is golden.

Partner with us at No Standing for a great video marketing campaigns for brand awareness! Our team is full of creatives brimming with ideas that also follow the latest video marketing trends. With our help, you can reach your audience in a more effective manner, all while adding to your repertoire of quality video content for them to watch. Contact us on our website and let’s talk about your next videos!

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