Facebook Advertising Tips for Small Businesses

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

In January 2024, it was found that a whopping 19 million Australians were active on Facebook monthly. This shows that even as new social media platforms emerge, Facebook is still as relevant as ever, making it an essential part of any social media marketing strategy. But what makes an effective Facebook marketing strategy, and what are the best Facebook advertising strategies for small businesses? Explore our top Facebook tips below. 

Tip 1: Set up a Facebook Business & ad account

The first thing you need to do when starting on Facebook is set up a Facebook Business account and an ad account. Setting up an account is easy and quick, so it shouldn’t take too long. Having a Business and an ad account can give you the ability to run and deliver ad campaigns and the relevant insights you need to assess the performance of your campaigns. Ensuring you have an official business account looks more professional and legitimate and is also in line with Facebook’s rules; representing a business through your personal account is against Facebook’s Terms of Service. Therefore, having a business account is best to avoid a possible violation. 

Tip 2: Optimise your profile details

Once you set up your profile, add details such as your logo, cover photo, and an “about” description. Make sure your profile and cover photos match your brand identity so that it’s easily recognisable and won’t be confused with others. When you complete your business description, ensure you write a succinct description that encapsulates who you are as a business and the services you provide. Remember, your page represents your brand, so be sure to align everything with your brand’s other entities. 

Tip 3: Post different kinds of engaging content

Once you finish the initial set-up steps, it’s time to market to your audience. One effective Facebook marketing strategy you can use is posting content that triggers engagement from your audience. You can use various post types, such as text, photo, and video content, to engage your audience effectively. You can even do special promotions and giveaways to encourage participation, which helps grow your brand and online presence. Find the right content pillars for your brand and create a social media calendar in advance, with room for trendjacking posts and other urgent, time-sensitive posts. 

Tip 3: Post different kinds of engaging content

While organic posts are a good way to build up your online presence on Facebook, you would still need to shell out Facebook advertising costs for paid ads. You may ask, “How do I advertise on Facebook with paid ads? How can I ensure I don’t waste my budget and actually see results?” The beauty of the platform is that you can be very specific in your targets so that your ad reaches only the intended audience. You can advertise based on age, interests, and online behaviour. You can also target people in a specific location, which is an excellent local marketing strategy. Beyond that, make sure your ads and copy are compelling with a call to action at the end. It’s good if your target sees your ads, but you must ensure they also want to engage with it. 

Tip 5: Utilise metrics and insights

Once you’ve launched your ad campaign, you can see how it performs almost immediately, thanks to real-time updates. After a certain period of observing your campaigns and how they perform, you can adjust your ads as needed based on the metrics provided. It can be as simple as slightly adjusting the Facebook advertising costs and budget for boosted posts or something more significant, such as a new ad set for an upcoming sale or promotion. Whatever it is, always check your Facebook Business account’s metrics and insights so you can make data-driven decisions and changes to your advertising campaign. 

Facebook provides vast benefits and capabilities for your ad campaigns; it just takes an expert touch to utilise them properly. Remember the tips above and let your small business flourish! 

If you need experts who know a thing or two about the best practices in Facebook advertising, look no further than No Standing! Our team can provide Facebook advertising services that help you meet your goals on social media channels. We know how to run Facebook ads, develop a solid content plan for your Facebook posts, and interpret post-campaign data to help optimise your campaigns. Chat with us, and let’s get started on the most effective Facebook marketing strategy for your business! 

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