Effective local area marketing strategies

How To Promote Your Business Locally

Local area marketing is a great way to boost your business and sales among local demographics. But what exactly is it and what are the benefits of local area marketing?

According to Hubspot, local area marketing is a method that targets the potential market living in a certain radius near the physical establishment. While it may seem easy to promote in just a local setting, 97% of people find out about businesses in the area through the Internet as opposed to other means. Therefore, knowing how to promote your business locally should still occupy some space in the overarching digital marketing strategy, to best appeal to the population near the area

Here are some of the best local marketing strategies you can apply to your business.

Optimise and localise the business website through local SEO services

The reason why a good website is important in local area marketing is because it’s the first thing the target market will look into. If your website is a mess, they’ll take one look and leave immediately, losing a potential customer for the business. Make sure the website is enticing to look at, as this is the asset that best represents your brand online.

Additionally, the website must also be optimised for mobile access. Remember, more than half of traffic is from mobile phones. If the brand website isn’t optimised for phones, you’ll drive away potential customers interested in your business.

Beyond that, an effective local SEO strategy is localising website content. For example, if you run a book store in Collingwood, you can add keywords such as “book store collingwood”, “where to buy books in melbourne”, and more to the copy and metadata. This helps your website appear on the search results for these keywords and increases the likelihood of locals becoming aware of your business. Learn how to rank for local SEO to further boost your brand’s visibility.

Practise optimisation for Google My Business and other listings

Practising Google My Business listing management and having your business listed on other local directories is a great way to get your name out there. You can put in the business name, address, contact information, store hours, and a business description when you appear on Google for better SEO results. Learn all about writing for Google My Business optimisation as part of your local SEO strategy.

Moreover, what makes this a good local area marketing strategy is the fact that it helps locals understand where you and your business are among their neighbourhood. That is why also being listed in directories is an important aspect of local area marketing for widespread consumer awareness.

Create content that caters to the locals

Now that you’re done optimising the website and listing the business in relevant directories, it’s time to look at the content posted both on your blog site and social media. Knowing what it is the people want and how to communicate with them can do wonders to your business’ local area marketing strategy. From there, create localised content that is relevant to what they need.


For starters, say you run a coffee shop in an area that has a huge student population, and their main goal is finding a place that has great ambiance and fast Wi-Fi. If your cafe offers that, cater your blog and social media content to address this primary demand. You’ll find that appealing to the community is easier when you provide a solution to their pain points.

Target those in the area through ads

Investing on location-based ads helps you gain exposure you wouldn’t get from organic efforts alone. For search marketing, you can bid on certain location-based keywords so that these pay-per-click ads appear under them. To ensure you’re only targeting residents nearby, geotargeting or local PPC can be employed in your business’ local area marketing strategy.


Similarly, you can also do location-based targeting on social media. Boost selected posts to be seen only by certain people in certain areas for a more targeted approach. That way, each impression is a potential for business and not just a wasted click. You can even adjust the copy and digital creatives to fit the culture and slang of the place you’re targeting.

Ingrain your business into the community

Last but not least, the best local area marketing strategy that goes beyond the digital space is to take part in activities that welcome your business to the local community. Whether it’s running promotions for locals, partnering with nearby businesses, or sponsoring community events, these efforts allow people to see you as a business worthy of their money and trust. It’s important to build that credibility to ensure the community members choose you as their go-to business.

Learning how to promote your business locally might seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’re starting from scratch. That’s why we advise partnering with a digital marketing agency so you don’t have to do all the work. At No Standing, we can help create an effective campaign that helps your business resonate with the local community. Send us a message and let’s chat about what local area marketing strategy is needed to meet your goals!

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