Empowering Football and Technology: Celebrating Women’s Achievements – FC Barcelona x World of Women Collaboration


In the heart of FC Barcelona’s legacy lies a commitment to empowerment, inclusivity, and innovation. Guided by these principles, FC Barcelona has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with World of Women, brought to life through No Standing. In an era where women’s football has finally earned its rightful recognition, FC Barcelona seized the opportunity to forge deeper connections with fans while embracing the cutting-edge landscape of technology. Together, they embarked on a journey that celebrated women’s achievements in sports and technology, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that resonates with enthusiasts and tech communities alike.

A Fresh Approach to Engage Fans

Honouring Women’s Triumphs: FC Barcelona, a global sports powerhouse, embarked on an exciting journey to further champion their Femení team and to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in sports and technology. No Standing played a pivotal role in devising a strategy that resonated with both passionate sports enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals, particularly those immersed in the Web3 and NFT landscapes.

Moments That Transformed the Game

Revolutionising Live Streaming: The campaign’s pinnacle was a historic event – the first-ever football match streamed live on a Discord server. This innovation brought fans closer to the action than ever before. It wasn’t just about the game; it was about blending tradition with the digital era, captivating audiences worldwide. Furthermore, this was the first time that any fan globally could watch a match with no need for broadcast or streaming access. Rather, all that was needed was a phone or computer with internet access. This is completely unprecedented and highlights FC Barcelona’s commitment to championing the Femení team, their global fanbase and providing access to women’s sport.

Tokens of Unity: No Standing introduced a game-changing concept – token-gated roles and badges. An exclusive badge for World of Women holders and a similar badge accessible to all stream attendees blurred the lines between Web2 and Web3 worlds and boosted fan engagement.

The Journey and Its Impact

Breaking Boundaries: The campaign’s timeline showcased a series of impactful events, from setting attendance records to engaging Twitter Spaces conversations and launching exclusive NFT auctions. The numbers spoke volumes – over 10,000 new members joined the FC Barcelona Discord community, eagerly anticipating the live-streamed Femeni Gamper match.
An Unprecedented Success: The campaign’s outcome was a resounding victory. A 7% total attendance rate on Discord and over 2,000 concurrent viewers marked the live-streamed match’s impact. The integration of time-limited Discord roles and badges added a collector’s touch, paying homage to NFT culture while making technology accessible to all.

Voices of Triumph

Fans Speak: Feedback poured in, echoing the sentiment of unity and empowerment. Fans applauded the campaign for bridging the gap between traditional sports fandom and the exciting world of technology. They celebrated the recognition of women’s achievements, feeling a genuine connection to the club’s values.

A Fusion That Changed the Game

Legacy of Innovation: This collaboration carved a new chapter in the story of fan engagement. By weaving sports passion with digital sophistication, No Standing, World of Women and FC Barcelona, showcased that the future of fandom knows no limits. The campaign stood as a triumphant celebration of women’s accomplishments, proving that true victory arises when technology and sports unite for a shared cause.


As the legacy of this campaign continues, it redefines the concept of fan engagement by seamlessly intertwining tradition with modernity, while giving due recognition to women’s achievements. This collaboration is more than just a campaign; it’s a statement that resonates across communities, celebrating victories both on and off the field, and embracing a future where the roar of the crowd can be felt even without being at the game.

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