TRUFF Hot Sauce launched in the Australian market in October 2019. They are an American owned company looking to increase their market share in the hot sauce flooded Australian market. They were the first hot sauce to use truffle in their recipe, giving it an extra kick.

The Challenge

Five million Australian adults eat hot sauce EVERY WEEK. For TRUFF, getting their sauce in these potential customers hands with a RRP of $30 was seen as an incredibly difficult task especially when people are being careful with their spending during this time. Therefore we decided to launch TRUFF into the market using influencers and celebrities and gifting them the product, rather than contracting them to post.


Influencers have enthusiastically responded to the sauce and have been getting creative in the kitchen and incorporating TRUFF into their lives. We’ve had influencers from nano to huge macro influencers as well as celebrities reaching out to work with TRUFF, and have been overdelivering in content more than ever. TRUFF is now the name on everybodies lips.

The Result

200 x

Influencers Engaged

51 x

IG Posts

393 x

IG Stories


Average Engagement




Million Reach

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