Slow House

The target for Slow House was to create an influencer launch event, where influencers from Sydney would be invited across a two day period to experience Slow House and in exchange post content for it. This was accompanied by the relevant tags and hashtags approved by the business. The event was created to help generate brand awareness, hitting multiple demographics as there were different influencers invited to the event.



Slow House was founded by a Sydney based couple who through COVID learnt more about the benefits of taking time out to soothe the soul through different restorative experiences. This led them to create a tranquil place based in Bondi where everyone could come to experience the same benefits of taking time out for one’s self.

The Approach & Results

The event proved to be a massive success across the two days, with the influencer turnout to be a huge hit and garnering huge attention across social media. Some of Sydney’s biggest influencers came in, which then helped more influencers and celebrities alike come down to Slow House. Include some of the biggest influencers such as; Cartia Mallan, Tim Robards, Sarah Ellen, Olivia Grivas, Dominique Ellisa and Nadia Fairfax.



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