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Do You Get Gen Z? - No Standing

Do You Get Gen Z?

If you think that using neutral branding to appeal to all audiences is a future-proof safe haven – think again! In today’s landscape, Gen Z is changing the game. If you’re not bettering the world with your brand or products, you simply won’t be recognised.‍

Recent projection data released by the United Nations predicts that Gen Z will surpass the Millennial generation this year, accounting for a whopping 32% of the total global population.

Gen Z holds the power, as an ever-growing generation that has never known a “non-digital” world, with the power to influence whether your brand sinks or swims, through viral sharing in a matter of days, minutes and sometimes, even seconds! Gen Z’s have been distinguished from Millennials as being more ‘self-aware’ according to a recent report by Marcie Merriman, an executive director at Ernst & Young LLP. They consciously connect with brands that have purpose and authenticity and are quick to throw fire on those that don’t meet their standard of social ecology. Social media and digital verticals are merely an extension of self for Gen Z’s, and if marketing strategies seem faux pas or gimmicky, they’ll be considered as digital trash by the ‘in-touch generation’, at the ready with their informed opinions and witty protest signs.

The Solution to Gen Z Marketing‍

Find a cause that suits your brand, appeals to your consumers, and makes sense with your messaging, and you’ll have found a winning formula. Avoid targeting your Gen Z’s on every channel at key times of the day and days of week – these tactics aren’t only ancient in their eyes, but an opportunity to turn your brand into the subject of a meme that could go viral at any given moment, and not in a good way!If you need help marketing to Gen Z audiences, let us help! We have plenty of experience assisting a variety of different brands get their messaging and channels right the first time. To organise a chat, contact No Standing Digital today!

Reece Prideaux