Slow House

Slow House was founded by a Sydney based couple who through COVID learnt more about the benefits of taking time out to soothe the soul through different restorative experiences. This led them to create a tranquil place based in Bondi where everyone could come to experience the same benefits of taking time out for one’s self.

Public Relations


The main objective for our Slow House PR campaign was to help generate brand awareness for a completely new service and space. We did this by creating a media release introducing Slow House to the media scape whereby we hit multiple demographics across different media outlets. We looked at many angles for this campaign including the initial launch of Slow House, a Mother’s Day focus, benefits of sauna use and a collaboration between Slow House and QT Hotel Bondi.

The Result

We’ve been working with Slow House since March 2021 and since then have had the below results:

26 Articles Published and total reach for all published articles was 13.1 Million+ Media publications who published Slow House included:

Vogue Australia

500K Reach

Woman’s Day

1.6M Reach


100K Reach


4.1M Reach

Time OUT

2.1M Reach


1.6M Reach
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