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An inspiring article on how a digital marketing agency changed my career.

I was told I couldn’t make it in my career. 

Let’s rewind – from working in hospitality, retail, events, music and undertaking multiple studies throughout my life, I never imagined I’d be where I am right now. This is a blog purely to inspire anyone who has been through the rough and needing to find that push to where you want to be. It is also about how 2 successful business owners and entrepreneurs believed in someone who got knocked back multiple times. 

Graduating high school VCE was always an overwhelming feeling. The system pits you against other students, comparing who has the best grades and rewarding those who succeed – safe to say I wasn’t in the top tier. At this young age, I was told I couldn’t make it in my career, and I wanted nothing more than to prove that wrong with my hunger, persistence and drive. 

I led myself on multiple pathways that saw me successfully attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in 2019, and later a Digital Marketing certification. Needless to say my hunger outweighed the perception of others who said I couldn’t do something, and essentially, I’ve used that as my superpower to this day.

Throughout 2020, when the world went into a global pandemic. No work, no motivation, no energy to move, but only stay still. I set that aside and dove in deep. I treated my week days as though I was educating, working and upskilling myself using the time to only better my knowledge.

“ I used to think, I’m not good enough - but my mindset changed and I am good enough “

This was a ten to eleven month process that became second nature for me, and all good things take time as they say. In Feb 2021, I had my first interview with my number one dream job at a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, No Standing. Not coming from a background in the industry, I was only thinking that all my efforts wouldn’t work, but it only took 1 founder and 1 co-founder to believe in me.

Feb 3rd 2021 and 11 months later, I’m lucky to have worked with and be working with some of the most amazing clients in industries I have a burning passion for in fashion, beauty and wellness space; Jagger & Stone, Biotyspa, Celebrity Slim, Koena, Boost Lab, Hair Care Bear, LOWN and more.

With this, I’ve been led and mentored by two of the greatest entrepreneurs and business owners that I’ve ever met: Sohan Karunaratne and Richard Penny, both who continue to inspire me everyday. They’ve taught me so much (not to spill any key secrets..) that has helped not only my personal career development, but my growth as an individual and the prospect of becoming an entrepreneur in the future. Not to mention, the most unbelievable team I get to work with from the Influencer, PR and Brand Partnerships to Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, SEO, Community Reputation Management and talented creative icons at Arthaos.

I was always the person who asked too many questions and got knocked back purely because of this. But asking those questions is what ultimately led me to where I am today at No Standing.

“ You only move forward if you drive yourself there “

With everything that’s happened globally, there’s always that spark of inspiration that if you put your passion and mind to, it’ll work in your favour. Using your drive, confidence and love for what you do is important; life is too short to wonder whether you should apply for that job, change your university degree, or simply to think you’re not good enough. No Standing showed me that I can do anything I put my passion towards, and when you put your heart into something, you’ll only succeed.

From me to you, kill it. 

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