Self isolating: 5 easy way to add 15 minutes of movement into your everyday

Stuck at home? Add 15 minutes of movement to your everyday with Zoee Marsh.

If you’re like most people, you are currently transitioning into a state of isolation and are now working from home. Side note, is anyone else wearing track pants and ugg boots with a nice top for all their Zoom meetings or is it just me?

During this new isolated reality, we’ve lost the consistent everyday exercises we all once took for granted – walking to daily meetings, running to catch the train or even climbing the stairs are just some examples of everyday routine movements that we’re now missing out on. As someone who spends all day everyday dancing and moving around in studios, I’ve had to make huge adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re self-isolating or practicing social distancing, I’ve come up with some ideas to keep you moving at home – all you need is your favourite music and some space, no equipment needed.

1. Make a playlist of your favourite music (if you don’t already have one) to work out/boogie/party to.

2. Once you’re awake, even post coffee, plug in ONE track from your playlist and have a mini dance party. Move however you wish, as corny as it may sound, literally ‘dance like nobody’s watching’. Ease into the movement, listen to your body and you’ll know when you wanna cut some serious shapes. This may feel very crazy to begin with, but towards the end I’m pretty confident you’ll feel a lot better, you may even want to go for a second song!

3. You’ve been glued to your desk, couch or even bed for half a day smashing away at the keyboard. On your ‘lunch’ break, stand up, plug back into the playlist and have a midday boogie. Shake off that bad wifi connection, the backlog of emails or that awful i-miss-my-friends self isolation vibe, just get rid of it! Jump around, it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s all about moving the body.

4. Alright you’ve made it through the day, congrats! But let’s be real, you still haven’t clocked all the movement you would during your normal everyday activities. I would suggest doing this post dinner, before bed or your nightly Netflix binge – just plug in one of your ‘evening’ suited tracks, and use this boogie as a cool down.
Start energetic, get moving, and touch base with all parts of your body.

When you’re about half-way through the track, slowly start to reduce the energy and speed of which you are moving. Think of floating through the strain created throughout your day, letting the weight just pass through your body to move effortlessly in your space. It kind of feels like floating in the water or when you’ve had one too many wines on a Friday night at home while listening to some sweet, sweet jazz.
Once you’ve done this, take an extra minute or two to have a little stretch and think of this as ‘clocking off’ from your body for the day.

5. You may be thinking, what else do we need to do? I’ve done my 3 sessions?
Realistically? Music tracks are just 5 minutes and a couple more movements won’t hurt!

  • Are you having regular drink (and snack) breaks? Distance your workspace from the kitchen so you are increasing your step count.
  • If you live in a two storey house, don’t stroll up the stairs, power walk or even sprint up them like you’re personal trainers yelling at you.
  • Whilst boiling the kettle, why not do some squats?
  • Brushing your teeth? Calf raises are calling your name.

Schedule these like meetings and if you are working from home with others, get them involved!

It’s also a really nice way to ensure that you are giving yourself 15 minutes a day that’s dedicated to your body, mind and soul.

Zoee Marsh is an Australian choreographer + movement coach, her work is internationally recognised throughout various music videos, live shows, musicals, brand launches, TV and charity events. No Standing manages all opportunities for Zoee so please contact for any PR & Collaboration requests.


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