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KOÉNA - No Standing

This Project Is

When Koéna launched in Australia, they only had a few followers on their social media accounts. Their biggest challenge was brand awareness among existing skincare products. They wanted to establish their product as a product that brings happiness to the lives of family, friends, and the community affected by inflammatory diseases by improving their quality of life.

Project KOÉNA


Creating brand awareness while directing customers to pre-order Koéna or visit the Koéna website. As the page had just launched, engaging with the community while educating the audience on Koéna’s uses and benefits.
Promote Resta-Plex formulation and promote its patent and the research behind it. Mindful of the ever-growing audience, so need to educate a fresh audience regularly

Services Offered:
Community Management.

Overall Results
Nearly over year two years, our team closely worked on their accounts, and by September 2021, the total organic page engagements were over 40K. The average page engagement rate rose over 10%, and the reach (the total amount of unique accounts who saw any content associated with the social media pages) was 2.4M.

Overall Results:

Increase in sales
and customer satisfaction

Up by 42%

Messenger bot developed
to streamline coms

Increased by 38.50%

Total reactions


Total comments


Google Results

Cost per Purchase




Increase in Purchase Value


Increase in ROAS