As Australia’s first and only floating beach club, The Island was created for sun-drenched days and unforgettable island nights. This is a Sydney icon, where moments are shared over exceptional views, drinks, and soulful soundtracks from dawn ’til dusk. For over 12 years, The Island has provided an experience like no other. World class service, famous sunsets, crafted cocktails and music designed to make you dance.
Development and Design

The Challenge

Firstly, enhancing the user experience and aligning the website’s design with the brand identity by introducing a modern and visually appealing UI/UX design. Secondly, we aim to create a more efficient and user-friendly platform for customers to purchase event tickets, ensuring an easy and fast checkout process.


At No Standing, we were passionately involved in every step of Peakah’s journey. From shaping the brand identity to crafting captivating campaigns, we contributed our expertise in brand strategy, creative design, and digital marketing. We took the lead in designing visuals for the highly successful Egg Mint launch, orchestrated engaging social media initiatives, and curated a vibrant Discord community, facilitating meaningful interactions.


Website Performance & Accessibility ( 35% more than old site )


SEO Performance ( 30% more than old site )

Our Results

The Egg Mint event saw extraordinary success, with all 999 Peaky Bird Eggs selling out in 38 seconds. By focusing on community engagement through Discord, we strengthened the bond between Peakah and its devoted users resulting in this rapid rate of uptake.

User-Friendly Website Design and Development

Seamless navigation and content structure which lead to higher conversion rate

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