The Island Sydney, Australia’s first and only floating beach club, has been a quintessential Sydney icon for over 12 years. Known for its stunning views, crafted cocktails, and soulful soundtracks, The Island offers an experience like no other. However, the management faced a significant challenge in optimizing their ticketing and booking system. They needed a solution that could accommodate various boat arrangements, event types (Private and public), and eliminate the limitations posed by their existing system.

Development and Design

The Challenge

Inefficient Boat Arrangement Management:
Event Manager Pro struggled to effectively handle boat arrangements, making it difficult to allocate the right boats for various events.

Limited Event Type Management:
The system lacked the flexibility needed to manage different event types, hindering their ability to cater to a wide range of customer preferences.

Customer Frustration:
The limitations of the system resulted in a frustrating experience for customers, leading to dissatisfaction.

Lost Sales Opportunities:
Due to these limitations, The Island Sydney missed out on potential sales opportunities as the system couldn’t adapt to their unique business needs.


At No Standing, we were passionately involved in every step of Peakah’s journey. From shaping the brand identity to crafting captivating campaigns, we contributed our expertise in brand strategy, creative design, and digital marketing. We took the lead in designing visuals for the highly successful Egg Mint launch, orchestrated engaging social media initiatives, and curated a vibrant Discord community, facilitating meaningful interactions.


Website Performance & Accessibility ( 35% more than old site )


Increase in Conversion rate


SEO Performance ( 30% more than old site )

Our Results

  • Resounding success in transforming The island Sydney’s ticketing system and online presence.

  • Custom web application, website, and efficient booking system led to increased ticket sales and improved conversion rates.

  • A seamless purchasing process for customers.

  • Elimination of reliance on third-party apps contributed to increased profitability.

  • Collaborative efforts between our team and The Island Sydney’s stakeholders resulted in a perfect alignment with their unique business model.

  • The new ticketing system ensures the continued delivery of unforgettable experiences for their customers.

User-Friendly Website Design and Development

Seamless navigation and content structure which lead to higher conversion rate

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