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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to be one of the most impactful ways to engage with your consumers, work with influencers and creators to create content and share key messaging about your brand, and of course generate brand awareness. With meaningful, considered campaigns, you can speak to your audience with the right people, at the right time, to drive some serious results.


Paid Influencer Marketing

We have relationships with all types of influencers including Macro, Micro and Nano where we can engage them for a paid influencer campaign. No matter what your campaign entails, we will ensure we can find the right type of influencer, with great engagement, and an audience to suit your brand. We manage this end to end, including creating an influencer list, email pitch, influencer guidelines, contracts, and briefs. And of course, comprehensive reporting where you will receive results and all of the content created, for you to use to populate your social calendar.


Gifting and Contra Campaigns

If you want to get your brand into the hands of top tier influencers, but you don’t have a budget for a paid campaign, we can help! Enter influencer gifting, a way to gift influencers your product or service and generate more brand awareness. We also have amazing relationships with Nano influencers who are happy to receive products in exchange for posting. We manage this end to end, including creating an influencer list, email pitch, influencer guidelines, and reporting on who has posted and received the product.


Our Process


One of our main priorities is building personal relationships with those we contact, and maintaining communications for future projects. Our connections are crucial to our success and we have relationships with influencers to suit any brand or campaign.

Our Process


We pride ourselves on having an incredible and diverse database that can connect your brand to any kind of influencer. Our Influencer community can instantly help spread awareness and create content for your brand with speed and efficiency.

Our Process


We’ve worked with a lot of people, and we mean a lot. Our team has worked with influencers across the fashion, beauty, food, health and wellness, tech and music industries, exchanging products and services for content or paid campaigns. We’re constantly thinking of new opportunities, and are always updating our Influencer database and finding new talent to work with across the board.