How to drive sales using influencers during a global crisis

Drive sales at home with these simple tips.

As a business, you need to focus on what your customers are interested in and where they will be spending their money in these unfamiliar times. Developing personal relationships with those who are influential in the social media space is vital and utilising these relationships to help brands increase sales is fundamental for success.

Having extremely close ties with a number of influencers here at No Standing, we wanted to share our top tips and examples on how to use influencer marketing to help drive sales for your brand.


Influencers offer their audiences an honest review, their insight and opinion about a particular brand, service or product. If you utilise an influencer’s reach with their audience, you will have a better chance of engaging consumers. By giving an influencer a discount code or using a product for a competition or give-away, your brand will be able to build loyalty with a consumer, whilst giving them the opportunity to try a product or service at a reduced price. Now is the perfect time to use trustworthy influencers to offer discounts and give-away’s as consumers are less likely to spend more during this time.


A valuable tool for your brand to use within your marketing strategy is the development of a valuable partnership with an influencer – this will help to build a sense of trust between your consumers and your business. When customers trust the influencer, the chance of them purchasing or being aware of the product being endorsed is of a much higher chance than that of an unreliable source.

An example of this could be our client Koena – are dermaceutical skincare brand created to help those with skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and dry, cracked skin. Koena partnered with skincare and beauty influencer Maddie Edwards, who uses her platform to show her followers her day-to-day routine on combating irritated skin. This gave the Koena brand a higher level of connection to its audience, who believe in Maddie’s opinion and trust what she says. Consumers who look at influencers who they deem trustworthy and feel like they have a personal connection with are more likely to want to try a product or service after being endorsed by that person. As consumers spending habits change during this time, having an influencer partner with a product or service will help build engagement, loyalty and trust throughout this period and beyond.


During this time, brands are using influencers on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to sell their products and services to keep content relatable. By using influencers to engage with consumers on a more personal level across different platforms, it will help to involve your consumers, giving your brand more meaning and in turn help sales to rise.

The use of IGTV on Instagram for example has become increasingly popular during this time, allowing influencers the opportunity to stream longer content, giving them the chance to really show their personalities and helping to further develop a connection with their audience unlike a regular advert. Netflix recently used IGTV  to promote the new season of ‘Riverdale’ instead of a normal trailer. They had one of the shows main characters eat a burger comically for one hour on Instagram, connecting with their audience in a new and engaging way – which in turn gained almost a million views and over six thousand comments.

This is new territory for businesses and consumers alike, and it will be a trying time for all when attempting to navigate the way the world is moving forward. While it’s to be expected that there will be an initial drop in sales for most businesses, using influencers to engage with your audience in new ways can help your business see an increase in sales during a global epidemic like this one.

If you’re interested in finding out more on how to devise an influencer marketing strategy, please get in contact!