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Exceed expectations in Christmas sales - No Standing

Exceed expectations in Christmas sales

Exceed expectations in Christmas sales with our specialised direction towards Influencer marketing, Email distribution and Advertising tips this holiday season

In a time of haste and liveliness the most important thing consumers need is guidance, constancy and reliability. As a business, focusing on benefits around Influencers, Emailing and Advertising is paramount – all providing a sense of direction, personification and enlightenment to consumers. Here are our insights surrounding Christmas business promotion ideas, including tips on how to boost business sales from these departments during the holiday season. 


Influencer Marketing Tips:

Promote Christmas Gift bundles with Influencers: Collaborate Influencers with gift bundles you wish to promote. This allows consumers to easily identify and associate such assortments with the approaching holiday season helping to boost your Christmas sales.

Utilize social media links: Ensuring that all influencers you work with have links to share on their social media stories is a great business strategy to increase sales. It directs traffic to your website and provides options for consumers to directly shop.

Send Influencer gifts: Sending influencers a gift for Christmas from your brand for both themselves, as well as a gift for someone else helps promote gift giving action.

Work with Nano Influencers: Work with a number of nano influences during this time as volume to get the message out is key. It is an effective and niche approach to utilizing your holiday sales promotion ideas.

Christmas spirit helps build relationships: Lastly, on our influencer Christmas campaign ideas 2021, is to wish all influencers you work with, or have worked with this year a Merry Christmas. It is very accomodating, as relationship building is paramount!


Email Marketing Tips:

Utilizing Xmas bundles: Creating new and unique bundles that your business have never done in the past, along with an ‘Xmas’ Special is a great tip on how to boost business sales.

Special offers Pop Up: Pop ups are a great way to offer every store visitor a special offer or a discount at checkout, this is a must have during the xmas time

Segment lists to target high converting audiences: It’s one thing creating an amazing EDM, and another to be able to target that EDM to the correct audience. Segmenting your lists is a great way to filter through your database and to reach out to only those who have the highest likelihood of converting.

Xmas voucher to subscribers: A coupon voucher is a great Christmas sales strategy to say thank you to your loyal subscribers. Ensuring that the coupon offered is Xmas related and will expire after the 25th/12 is the smartest way to gain more sales.

Update abandoned cart to be Xmas related: Another one of our tips on the best christmas campaign ideas is updating the design of your abandoned cart EDM. This is a great way to play on the customers’ consciousness. 


Advertising Tips:

Account for increase in search volume: Throughout key sales dates, there tends to be an increase in search volume across Google for people looking to purchase and save on products of interest to them. According to our holiday marketing ideas 2021 – to ensure your ads run for the entire sales period, account for the influx in search volume by increasing your budget.

There will be an increase in competition: Throughout key sales dates, competition across all advertising platforms increase as advertisers try and take advantage of Black Friday and Christmas promotions. As a result of this CPC and CPAs tend to increase as a response to the increase in competition.

Update Ad Copy and Content: On the last of our Christmas business promotion ideas, all ad copy and content throughout these sales periods should reflect what you are offering to the consumer. Ads investing in Top and mid funnel activity will get lost throughout these periods as people tend to focus purely on where they can get the best deals.

Nick, Elise, Peter