No Standing welcomes the new Brand Partnerships & PR department which includes Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, Talent Management and Brand Collaborations into the conglomerate that forms No Standing – featuring a powerhouse of teams including No Standing Development, ARTHAOS, and GrowMOFO. 

The new department will add extensive value to the already intricate digital ecosystem, allowing brands to connect with influencers, media and develop partnerships with other businesses. 

The team features Head of Brand Partnerships and PR Elise Brando, Ginny Barro acting in a Brand Partnerships & PR Executive role, and Alix Peacock as Account Executive.

From Content Creation to Integrated Influencer Marketing Strategies, the Brand Partnerships & PR sector will be responsible for the scope, strategy, execution and optimisation of any project for every influencer, brand or talent. The team will ensure all relationships are maintained and managed, brand collaborations are aligned, and sponsorship deals are approached in a logical and timely manner​.

A significant new development for the No Standing Family, we’re excited to see what results we can achieve for brands through these areas. 

To learn more about the new department, click here.

Ginny Barro

Marketing Coordinator

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Ginny Barro
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